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  • Linda Parsons
    Karla is a rare gem…a consciousness medicine rockstar! Although other practitioners were able to manage my mysterious chronic conditions, Karla is the only one to get to the root and transform the underlying structures and beliefs. Using a proven body-mind communication methodology combined with deep insight and highly attuned intuition, Karla takes the guess work out and gets right to the heart. Despite being acutely self-aware, in one session Karla unearthed a deep seated belief that I had never once considered. It was a major AHA moment! I am committed to continuing my healing journey with Karla, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to gain insight and get to the core. She's the real deal.
    Linda Parsons
  • Jakub Stritezsky
    I have known Karla for over 5 years and whenever I experience any larger or ongoing health problems I turn to her for help. Since I live in Europe (Prague), the sessions are always long distance. She has earned my deep respect and gratitude for her amazing work. Her sessions radically help me to improve my healing process. Her written descriptions of the session also helps to me to see my issue in a larger perspective. I have recommended Karla to several friends and asked her to do sessions for my family members as well, with wonderful results. Thank you!
    Jakub Stritezsky
    Human Design
  • Rev. Kelly Osgood
    Karla is a powerful healer, who can see beyond this realm. With Karla my healing has moved from physical healing to emotional and spiritual healing.
    Rev. Kelly Osgood
  • Hailey Heimbecker
    12286139_10153560020631281_1993197996_nThank You Karla! Here's a picture of you.
    Hailey Heimbecker
  • Sarah-Jane Gilbertson
    I absolutely love working with Karla. She is very easy to connect with – she creates a very safe, open space right away to really put you at ease. She is incredibly caring and doesn’t minimize what you’re going through, while still keeping the tone positive and, at times, humorous. She is highly intuitive and possesses such a diverse and vast repertoire of knowledge on all kinds of subjects. I have learned so much about myself in our sessions – it’s fascinating to hear what she uncovers. She has even worked with and helped my sick kitty! I would recommend Karla to anyone who is looking to do deeper work on themselves and gain a lot of self-awareness and healing.
    Sarah-Jane Gilbertson
  • Melissa Holtz
    I loved doing a human design session with Karla. She explained my projector human design with great clarity, examples, and actions. She can see the possibilities available for you, so you can understand what you are capable of. She can also help you make connections between the different elements of your human design so you can walk away with a motivating understanding. Karla's cheerful positivity and coaching left me feeling inspired, believing in myself and my abilities. Highly recommend!
    Melissa Holtz