Voxx Socks

VOXX Socks


Voxx socks and insoles are designed to support the nervous system by stimulating the brainstem toward balance. There is a little pattern woven into the soles of the socks and insoles and it works as you wear it. If you ¬†ever had a back injury (like I did) you might notice your toes tingling when you first wear them. This is a sign the nervous system is adjusting. The tingling didn’t last long for me and I noticed right away more energy and no pain. Each user is unique so it is recommended to try the socks for several weeks to see what they can do for you.

There are socks for everyday, and socks for sport. The insoles also have three categories so you can choose the type of insole for the type of shoe. Voxx users notice improvement in balance, stability, power, stamina, reaction time, pain, energy recovery time and posture.


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