How Can More Love Flow?

The Orders of Love : Family Constellations

At a cellular level, what happens if cells are cut-off from source energy? Do they survive? Of course the more flow from source, the more energy available to thrive! Source energy can be described as a kind of love: The love of life itself living through us. This may be also considered the Absolute or Unity Consciousness. I like calling Source as it is where we are all from.

This year I am doing a deep dive into family constellation work. The first weekend with my constellation cohort was moving and clearing. It feels good to be in the right place with the right people. The concept that everyone has a rightful place is deeply comforting but also true. We completed a short exercise where we lined up in a semi-circle from youngest to oldest. We had known each other for less than 24 hours, but the 15 of us lined up perfectly from youngest to oldest without saying a word. How was this possible? It is a feeling. A social order. Our bodies recognize when the natural order is in flow or not. We were in the “Knowing Field” communicating with the information, thoughts and feelings of the group. The Knowing field is a conscious energy that we can access to reveal hidden feelings and emotions. Trust the Field. It Knows.