Consciousness Medicine

Each of us have a version of how the world should be, and it is in conflict with how the world really is. Such a conflict creates stress in the body, which manifests in many ways, illness, disease, sleeplessness, digestive issues, hormonal issues, even poor relationships with loved ones. By revealing the conflict in the mind we can let go of old patterns of thinking or being, and thus embrace who we really are. This true nature is heartfelt, and by listening to the inner wisdom of the heart we can be our own sage in this life. The body is the first projection of the mind. By resolving the conflict on the appropriate level, it will affect all levels including the physical.

Consciousness Medicine provides treatment for stress and discomfort on any level, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Connecting into heart wisdom, healing priorities are revealed. Listening to the call of the heart puts all the cells at ease. By accessing this deep wisdom, I do not, as the practitioner have to diagnose, only reveal the conflict so the unconscious can become conscious. By doing so the conflict resolves and healing occurs. Each session is as unique as you are!

Consciousness Medicine Can Assist The Following Issues