Sage Heart Constellation Circle in Victoria BC

February 16, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
1175 Cook St
(Suite 324), Victoria
BC V8V 4A1
Joseph Briante
250 360 6410

What is Systemic Constellation Work?

“A constellation circle is a healing environment where we provide opportunity to witness the knowing field in community. The circle is a HeartField itself, as those that show up in any capacity serving as observers, representatives or clients, do so with their hearts open for a new way forward. We create space in ritual to come together to look at what wants to be seen in our lives, what is coming through to us in our personal field. We can bring these questions to the circle and allow the knowing field to express itself. We become vehicles for the flow of love when we meet in circle to do this work.”

Constellation Work is a experiential process developed by Bert Hellinger. It gives us a way to investigate ongoing life patterns that emerge from the soul level. Join us in the Knowing Field as yourself. Your gifts and unique signature are invited, welcomed and wanted. 

No experience is necessary for constellation work, just bring your open heart and presence.  If you have questions I invite you to reach out to us to discuss!  

A Seat at the Circle $60 and SPACE is LIMITED. 

Here is a blog post to expand on the process.

NOTE: dRaw heART is a SCENT FREE space, please be clean but perfume free. It is also a shoes off location! Bring comfy slippers/indoor shoes and dress in layers to accommodate your comfort.