Human Design

Human Design is a system that explains how your aura interacts with other auras around you. It can highlight your natural gifts and talents and guide you to the decision making process that will bring you the most success, peace and satisfaction.

Human Design is best understood by experiencing it for oneself. You may feel a response to your chart, or called even to explore it more.

This is my chart. I am a 1/3 Manifesting Generator. Generators are here to build the world. We work in response and have consistent energy to get things done. "Manifesting" Generators also have defintion to the throat, which means they can bring the energy through to manifestation.

When I got my first reading, over 10 years ago, I didn't really know what to do with the information. I even felt some resistance to absorbing at all. Why did I need that stuff anyway? However, as a 1/3 profile, I want to and will, investigate things deeply. I am investigating to see if I can trust the security or not. So I investigated my design, by experimenting with my strategy and authority.

My authority is the sacral center. My strategy is to respond. By following the response in the sacral center I will know what is right for me or not, what I am responding to or not. This answer is not in the mind. It is in the body. When following my response I find satisfaction, as I spend my time on what I have energy for, and by following the truth of the response I will have unlimited access to energy through the sacral. Following the response is respectful of my energy and my true self. Working against my strategy and authority leads to burnout because I could say yes to many things, but unless I really have a true response for them, my energy will not be enough for it and I will feel drained.

Manifesting Generators are especially good at getting things done, that sacral to throat connection is recognized by others and so they will receive many invitations to do things for others. And yes! An MG could do those things, likely faster than other types, but that doesn't mean that is my work to do. Knowing my response protects me from manipulation from others as I listen for my sacral response before acting. I don't push against this response. It knows.

Your authority and strategy will be unique to your chart. We find your chart with your birth date, time and place. The bodygraph chart is a physical representation of how energy works for you.

You may be a generator too. Here to respond. To build the world. To work. To be satisfied.

You may be a projector. Here to guide. To see others deeply. To be recognized. To be successful.

You may be a manifestor. Here to inform. To initiate. To educate. To feel peace.

You maybe a reflector. Here to be surprised. Here to sample, reflect and judge the quality of the environment. To reflect and amplify the energy of others.

What a reading will tell you.

Your strategy (your unique voice of truth) and authority (your ideal way of functioning).

Your defined channels and gates, highting natural gifts you share with the world.

Your openness. How the world shares with you.