Karla Kadlec

Karla Kadlec is a Consciousness Consultant with savvy communication skills.

Karla believes that communication is the heart of a harmonious world. Her vision is to live in a world with healthy, clear communication on all levels. Communication in the body-mind creates the possibility for a healthy, balanced and successful human. Communication within the family fosters strong ties and supports bonding with all family members. Communication in organizations provides businesses with the strength to grow and thrive.

Karla uses her highly attuned intuitive and integrative energy to facilitate connections. With over 15 years experience teaching, speaking and working globally in Canada, Asia and Europe as Consciousness Consultant, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her practice. Always encouraging others to follow their creative impulse and passions, Karla herself explored other ventures including a 5-year gig in Taiwan as a media personality after completing her Arts and Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan. When she returned to Canada she studied energy medicine and has been immersed in Consciousness medicine ever since.

Karla continues to earn high praise for her compassionate communication style and rock-solid enthusiasm. When not teaching or creating courses, she is following her heart spark on the path of joy, dreaming up ways to have fun and take other people along for the ride.