Live Your Design *Human Design*

This is a 9 month Live Your Design Course. We will use our charts to explore Types, Centers and Authorities. I will share information during our classes and there will be time for sharing and discussion. The purpose of Live Your Design – is actually to Live as Yourself. To wake up to how your energy operates so you can live your life with less resistance.

Classes are online using the Zoom Platform. You will have access to class recordings.

Often this class is taught weekly, and in the future I will be teaching it that way as well.

This is a special opportunity to take our time with the work.

Investment $400
Payment plan available pls msg me for details.

Karla Kadlec is a Live Your Design Guide certified with International Human Design School. She teaches with Human Design America.

In this LYD course, you will learn about the Human Design Bodygraph and how it represents the mechanics of your design. How honoring the mechanics and following your “voice of truth” enables you to actualize your core gifts. We will cover the four energy types of human being and their ideal way of functioning. We’ll talk about the areas or your life corresponding to various energy centers and how you can ideally function in each of them. You’ll learn what the openness is and how to transform its conditioning into wisdom.

At the moment the timing of the live class is in the evening on Mondays 6 pm BC time.

Content included in this course will be support materials from Jakub Strizensky’s Live Your Design Course. This includes 10 hours of lessons taught by Jakub as well as the LYD Commentaries by Genoa Bliven.


1st online class: September 16th
Introduction to the Living Your Design course (23 min)
Intro to Human Design, Bodygraph, openness, conditioning etc. (1:37 min)

2 – CENTERS part I.
Online class: October 7th
Introduction to centers & the Ego center (59 min)
Presentation on Head and Ajna centers (24 min)
Presentations on each Center include detailed description of each center, it’s themes, keynotes and how it functions in the Open (white) and Defined (colored in) state.

3 – CENTERS part II.
Online class: November 4th
Presentation on Spleen, Solar Plexus and Root centers (40 min)
4 – CENTERS part III.
Online class: December 2nd
Presentation on Sacral, G and Throat centers (35 min)
Online class: Jan 6th
Introduction to the theme of Personal Authority (25 min)
Presentations for each authority, eg. way of making decisions based on our design (55 min)
Online class: Feb 3rd
Introduction to the four Types & how they can cooperate together (38 min)
The Manifestor type and its strategy (48 min)
Online class: March 3rd
The Generator type and it’s strategy (58 min)
Online class: April 6th
The Projector type and it’s strategy (58 min)

The Reflector type and it’s strategy (57 min)
May 4th

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