Sage Heart Sessions

Sessions highlight areas in your body-mind and life that are ready to shift. Different techniques and light tapping will help facilitate these changes through all the levels of consciousness within you. The wisdom of the body will direct the session to the areas that most need attention. Sessions will help internal communication systems, this support allows the body to heal. You are the healer. What do you want to work on?

Karla is available for private sessions, family sessions or group facilitation.

Your first session will be one hour. Follow-up sessions are forty-five minutes.
To book your session via email please click here.

Consciousness Medicine FAQs

1Is there anything I need to do before a Session?
Please fill out a health and wellbeing form. If you cannot print one out, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete your form before your session.
2 Can I wear anything I want?
It is preferred that you dress comfortably, in clothing that is not too restrictive. Natural fibers are ideal, but whatever you are comfortable with is fine with me.
3What will happen in my Session?
After we discuss your health history, you will lie back on a massage table. You will be fully dressed for the entire session. Your job is to breathe! The more relaxed and the deeper your breath the better your brain will be able to access all areas of your body and mind. I will use muscle checking to locate areas within your body that would benefit from better communication. Once we have found the areas that require linking we will tap on the head (to awaken the brain to the communication breakdown) and then the heart (to store the new healthy relationship.)
4 How many sessions will I need?
This is a question only you and your body can answer. Similar symptoms may be shared by more than one individual, but reasons at the root of those symptoms are a unique combination. The body moves into a better balance after each session, and does as much as it can healthily. Most people notice benefits after their first session.
5How often do I need sessions?
When you come into a balance that is right for you, you will know exactly when you need a session. After you see the scope of what Consciousness Medicine can do for you, you will recognize when you could benefit from some balancing. I can also ask when a follow-up session is appropriate. This is always adjustable to your time available and your budget.
6 Do distance sessions really work?
YES! They do. There are several benefits to distance work, including the time it saves you from travel. Especially useful in unexpected emergency situations or prolonged illness when a client is too weak for travel. As a client you can relax in your own home to receive the session. You can send an email with your health concerns, or we can have a chat on the phone before your session. You will relax on the sofa and breathe deeply- just as you would in my clinic. Some clients just go on with their daily activities when they receive a session. After the session is complete I can email you results of the session or give you a phone call, whichever is more convenient to you. Distance sessions are especially useful for animals, because the animal can be comfortable in its home environment.
7How do distance sessions work?
I cannot read your mind, but I can identify healing priorities. To know more about this we look to Quantum physics and the concept of non-locality. Every cell in this universe is connected, and to that end one part one place recognizes a change somewhere else. This is easy to see with a mother and child. A mother may not be in the same environment as their child but can get a feeling suddenly if their child is in danger. Also twins can sense if their counterpart is experiencing a stressful situation. These examples are easy to wrap our heads around because we can see the connection between the people involved. Open the scope to see that we are all part of the human family, therefor connected even though it seems we are separated.